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As a business that's all about enhancing walls and ceilings, we'd be remiss not to offer drywall services. Mudding and taping drywall, better known as finishing, is an essential step in the repair process. Nathan's Painting Services can take care of that for you in full. We're not only a painting business but also a drywall contractor in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX. Locals turn to us for everything their walls need.

Your Best Choice to Repair Your Drywall

When you don't have proper tools and training, taping drywall is a frustrating experience. Flaws can show up months after you've finished. These flaws include corner-bead cracks, nail pops, and bad joints, all of which can ruin the look of your walls. Then you could end up having to spend more money on new drywall to fix the damage. Choose our team to save yourself the headache. We have the equipment and expertise to handle it.

Hanging drywall also takes muscle but rest assured Nathan's Painting Services has plenty of that. The next step—getting the surface ready for painting or new paper—is where our drywall company shines. This involves applying some premixed joint compound and special tape with tools like drywall knives and swivel-head pole sanders.

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